Monday, 17 April 2017

FDDI –world-class institute, opening various avenues for aspirants

FDDI has definitely proved that an alternative career other than that of an engineer or a doctor is also very successful in India. Students now a days hare becoming more and more open to try new streams and venture out for job prospects. In the last few years fashion technology and design has seen a lot of popularity and along with it the demand for footwear design and leather industry has also risen as both these fields go hand in hand.

FDDI offer variety of courses which exposes the student to industry environment and teaches them the practicality of the stream. Students are not only provided with theoretical insight of the curriculum but are also take for regular industry tours where they get first hand exposure to the work ethics. They get to see how footwear are designed in reality and what kind of equipment and technology is used to manufacture various kind of footwear.

FDDI has not only produced students who have gone on to work in MNCs and have formed a very successful career but also students who are aiming to work along with ministry of textile and ministry of commerce which aims at providing low cost footwear to the less affluent class. The ministry of commerce is now focusing on export of footwear and is trying to become world number 1 by training more and more students so that world demand can be met.

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