Tuesday, 23 May 2017

FDDI aiming to pump in more and more skilled resources into the market to full fill domestic as well as international demand

With growing demand of fashion and footwear there has been a continuous increase in demand for leather goods and especially footwear. Not only it looks stylish but are also long lasting. Leather footwear are a must have as formal wear and are also an essential part of many emergency service workers. FDDI which stands for footwear design and development institute in the recent past have manufactured specialised footwear for police and air force since they need special and robust footwear which can last in adverse terrain.

Apart from high quality footwear, FDDI is also engage in producing budget footwear for the common man so that every person in India has protection for its feat. Unfortunately when compared to the western world, on an average, India wear 1 shoes per year as regards the west where people wear 5-6 shoes per year. After analysing these kind of data, the Ministry of Commerce not only wants to supply more and more shoes for domestic consumption at an affordable price but also wants to cater to the demand form the rest of the world.

At the moment most of the worlds demand is fulfilled by China as India lacks skilled resources who can manufacture quality leather good. Therefore the main aim of footwear design and development institute is to train and pump in more and more skilled resources into production of leather good and footwear. Therefore FDDI is offering both undergraduate as well as post graduate courses to youngsters who would be trained both academically as well as practically so that they can understand the actual manufacturing process and thereby full fill the surplus demand from India as well as other countries.

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