Monday, 29 May 2017

Specialized footwear manufactured by FDDI for police and air force and budget footwear for poor people

In the recent past footwear and leather good industry has seen a prominent boom, not just in the domestic market but also in the international market. However when statistics is compared India is still very low in consumption of footwear in comparison to the international users. Where international users consume 6 footwear in a year, India only uses just 1 shoe in a year.

This is mainly due to lack of resources and less of monetary help. The poor people are not able to afford more than one footwear, therefore have to do with just one. Keeping this in mind the ministry of Commerce decided to engage an institute which will be able to provide budget footwear which even the poor people can afford. This range is known as the budget range of footwear. The main idea of making cheap and affordable footwear available is that all the people in India have access to safe footwear especially during winters and adverse climate.

Apart from budget footwear FDDI has also produced and manufactured specialised footwear for police and air force personal who require robust footwear in order to cater to adverse situations. Students in FDDI are taught how to make specialised footwear which will last a long time and are at the same time light weight. FDDI also wishes to take care of the international demand ,thus teaches its students how to understand the international demand and understand the requirements which are quite different from the domestic demand.

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