Saturday, 20 May 2017

India gearing up to become world’s number one in footwear and leather good industry

The joint entrance exam AIST for admission to FDDI is just around the corner and candidates are getting ready to crack the joint entrance exam in order to seek admission to variety of courses in undergraduate courses, post graduate courses and integrated courses. The bachelor courses is for 3 years and the master course is for 2 years which are offered in various campuses. The integrated course which is of 5 years is offered only in two campuses namely Noida and Rohtak.

Noida is the main campus which is blessed with state of the art facilities and is known for its top class education. Apart for architectural beauty the FDDI provides world class education in footwear development and design, which is in comparison to the most of the international universities.

The curriculum is very well formulated which has the correct blend of both theoretical knowledge as well as creative knowledge. The faculty members make sure to provide maximum exposure to students by taking the to industry and factory visits which helps them understand the actual manufacturing process which brings in immense confidence in the students. Apart from manufacturing, students are also taught how to price and market the final product so that they can supersede with other competitors and win majority of world market. Unfortunately right now there is a dearth of skilled resources in the field of footwear design and development therefore due to this gap, China is taking advantage of the surplus demand which India is unable to fulfil and is currently worlds number 1.

Keeping this in mind, the Ministry of commerce is making every possible effort to full fill the world demand as it would bring in foreign currency to our economy and this would definitely uplift the Indian economy.

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