Monday, 15 May 2017

How FDDI is preparing students to cater to the ever increasing world market demand in the field of footwear

Now a days there are many different career apart from the traditional careers that of a doctor or an engineer which youngsters are showing keen interest in. One of theme is development and design or footwear and leather goods. Apart from the interest, what makes a youngster choose a particular career is its job prospects. Leather goods and footwear have been showing a growing demand in both India as well as the international market.
Due to an ever increasing demand in footwear from all international players and an increasing domestic demand, there is now a shortage of skilled footwear developers. Because of this mismatch India is losing a large chunk of foreign exchange which it could make with the help of export of leather goods and footwear.
Keeping this mismatch in mind, the Ministry of Commerce is investing a large sum of money in the design industry. FDDI is one such institute which deals with footwear development and design and trains students by offering both undergraduate as well as post graduate courses in footwear development and design. In order to produce quality product it is very important to know basics of development and design along with a thorough understanding of the market demand and supply. All this taught during the course. The course also comprises of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. There are trained faculty members who very frequently take the students for industry tours and factories where FDDI students can have a first-hand experience in having a look at how footwear and leather goods are produced. They are also taught the dynamism of the market and how to price the final product when it is first brought into the market.

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