Monday, 8 May 2017

Footwear design and development institute opening up many creative avenues for the youth of India in order to pursue a career in design and development field

India is developing leaps and bounds, and it’s not too late that India would also be known as a developed nation. The reason behind its growth is indeed liberalization of the economy which has opened up the economy to the rest of the world. India is blessed with manpower and natural raw material which if used in a proper manner can provide loads of foreign exchange.
One such industry which is at full boom is the footwear and leather industry. India is currently doing very well in this field but definitely has some scope for improvement which would then make it world number 1 in the field of leather goods and footwear industry, superseding China which is currently Number 1.
Keeping this motive in mind the ministry of commerce is supporting institutes which help educate and provide skills to youngsters who would help the industry grow. One such institute is the footwear design and development institute also known as the FDDI. It offers a variety of undergraduate as well as post graduate courses to student. The best part about the institute is that it not only provides theoretical knowledge but also creative knowledge about design and development.

In the past despite of a brief confusion about the FDDI degree, students were able to get excellent placement both internationally as well as in India. Now the FDDI degreemamla has been resolved and the degree offered is recognised in both India as well as abroad. Ministry of commerce is also supporting the institute in all possible ways and the FDDI bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha and is shortly will be passed in the Rajya Sabha.

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