Monday, 29 May 2017

Why footwear and leather industry is growing leaps and bounds

India is rapidly developing not only in one field but in every field. There was a time when India had not even liberalised its economy and was not ready to trade with the rest of the world. However after liberalization in 1991, India is now open to trade with the international world, though some sectors are still not completely opened.

One of the sectors which is rigorously operating in export import is the leather good sector. India not only exports leather goods and footwear from rest of the world but also imports a lot of things pertaining to footwear and leather goods. In order to reduce the imports and increase the exports it is very important to strengthen our skills and obtain better quality raw material.

With the FDDI bill being passed in Lok sabha and the ministry of commerce being so eager to help the footwear and leather goods sector, India definitely see leather goods and footwear sector to be its golden hen. Keeping in mind this progress FDDI is trying to increase its capacity of students by opening new institutes so that more and more students can seek admission and thus contribute to the footwear and leather goods industry in India. There is a vast demand from the west as far as footwear is concerned which is currently being fulfilled by China. India is still quite behind as compared to china as we do not have killed manpower. In order to have skilled manpower FDDI is trying its level best to provide skills and relevant knowledge in the field of footwear and leather goods so that we are able to take care of both our domestic demand as well as the international demand which unfortunately we are not able to cater.

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