Friday, 16 June 2017

Discover unlimited opportunities in Foot Wear Design & Development

FDDI enables its students to explore unconditionally, so that they can discover unlimited opportunities in foot wear development and design. The main campus of footwear design and development institute is located in Noida and is famous for its state of the art facilities. We have various branches in Chennai, Kolkata, Fursatganj (near Lucknow), Chhindwara, Rohtak, Jodhpur, Guna, Ankleshwar (Gujarat), Chandigarh, Hyderabad & Patna are all bestowed with modern technology as well as facilities. These campuses are playing a vital role in producing best in class designers for foot wear industry. Ministry of commerce and Industry has left no chance for anyone to pick a single drawback in this institution.

Recently, FDDI conducted entrance exam for admission in 2017-2018 batch and a record breaking number of students appeared in that examination. This huge mass gathering of students have made everyone realized that how this institution is a leading brand among all others. FDDI’s campus is alive all the time, students feel confident at every corner of it and this confidence continues in the way they get knowledge about foot wear designing. Campuses in Noida and Rohtak offers 5 year integrated course. At the end of this course, students get under graduate degree as well as post graduation degree.

FDDI aims to portray India as a role model of footwear development and design in front of the world. Therefore this institution offers complete knowledge of The Retail, The Creative and The Manufacturing of footwear industry. To fulfill this dream we are producing extraordinarily skilled students. We are not just producing gems that are capable enough to rule the world through their talent and skills, but also we are making a work force for fulfilling huge demand of foot wear throughout the world.


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