Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Various courses provided by FDDI has provided with an array of career options for students interested in leather goods and footwear industry

The footwear design and development institute is one of the most renounced institute which offers variety of courses in the field of manufacturing of leather goods and footwear. There are a large number of candidates who have shown interest towards these courses which is just a couple of days away.

After the FDDI degree mamla has been resolved, FDDI has become very popular, along with this the ministry of commerce has also realised that in order to full fill the demand of leather goods and footwear which is coming from both international segments as well as locally, it is very important to have enough skilled manpower who can full fill the demand. Therefore ,in the recent past the ministry of commerce has pumped in fresh investment in order to provided more and more advanced facilities so that the students can get trained according .

Not only it provides a lucrative career but also adds to the foreign exchange for the country which eventually helps in increasing the GDP of the country and adds to the prosperity of the country. India is striving hard to become the number 1 manufacturer in the field of footwear and leather goods. Currently due to lack of skilled manpower the demand which was coming from the rest of the world went directly to China which become world number 1 in manufacturing of leather goods and footwear.

Once the students pass out of the courses which are provided by FDDI they are well trained in both theoretical as well as practical aspect and are confident to take care of any kind of order whether it is from within the country or international demand.

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