Friday, 2 June 2017

FDDI helping India to meet the international demand

India is growing in all fields’ weather it is engineering, agriculture, banking, medicine or even fashion. With more and more international brands showing interest to invest in the Indian market the demand for fashion related products are increasing at a faster pace. When we talk about fashion then footwear plays a very important role. Therefore footwear and leather related products are also very much in vogue.
Keeping this rising trend in mind the footwear design and development institute has decided to open more and more institute in order to increase the capacity of intake of students so that there are more skilled resources who can cater to the growing demand. India is blessed with both raw material which is required to produce the footwear as well as manpower. What is lacking is direction and appropriate skills. This is where FDDI plays its part.
Footwear design and development institute makes sure to provide all the required skills which are important to formulate a successful career. Currently due to lack of skilled manpower the access demand from the west is being met by China and India is losing the market share. There the Ministry of Commerce has decided to work hand in hand with FDDI in order to cater to both the domestic as well as the international demand.

It has been decided that FDDI will be opening yet another 5 institutes by the end of 2017 so that more and more people can meet the domestic as well as the international demand. Fortunately the FDDI degree mamla has been resolved and more and more students are coming forward to sit for the entrance exam AIST which will be taking place next week for getting admission to various undergraduate as well as post graduate courses offered by footwear design and development institute.

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