Monday, 12 June 2017

Footwear design and development institute providing a correct blend of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge to its students

More and more youngsters are getting adventurous when it comes to their career. Gone are those days when every parent wanted their child to become a doctor or an engineer?
Now with a growing demand of commodities. Especially fashion related goods, there has been an increasing demand for fashion related goods such as apparel and leather goods. Along with apparel, footwear has also seen an increasing trend. Hence the Ministry of commerce is making a conscious effort to meet this increasing demand which is not only arising domestically by Indian consumers but also international consumers.
However there has been a major bottleneck and that is of lack of skilled manpower. India has no dearth of raw material, but what it lacks is skilled manpower. There is a large unorganised sector which is engaged in manufacturing of leather good ,but the problem still remains the same, and that is the cost of manufacturing.,
In order to bring down the cost of manufacturing it is very important to make use of state of the art machinery and modern techniques, which is now offered by FDDI.FDDI offers both undergraduate courses as well as post graduate courses and once the students complete the course they are well trained in handling all kind of demand whether it is from the Indian consumers or the international consumer.
FDDI is known for its excellent curriculum and one of the best teaching. It provides the right mix of both practical knowledge and theoretical principals which are made use of in the manufacturing process. Students who have passed out of FDDI in the past years have a successful career and many have also started their own footwear production houses and are doing very well.

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